Piggy in the middle, bacon on the streets

Source: The Daily Advertiser

RESIDENTS were perplexed, drivers were confused and pictures were snapped – all over a curly case of a little pink pig. 

The domestic pet had everyone who saw it in disbelief as it trotted its way along the street in Wagga Wagga, in southern NSW, just after 8.30am yesterday.

While the unusual situation initially cracked a few smiles it soon turned sour when the pig, happily undertaking its exploration of the street, made its way onto the roadway and into the path of traffic, prompting residents and passers-by into an almost comical chase to save the pig’s bacon. 

Witness Sascha Haddon had been getting ready to take her children to school when she noticed the disturbance. 

“A lady stopped and chased the pig into the yard across the road before three school kids ended up coming along trying to catch it,” she said. 

While witnesses called police, Mrs Haddon grabbed a rope in the hope it could help the boys. 

Unimpressed with being forced to move on, the pig began squealing but was eventually safely ushered into a grassed laneway.

Police arrived to continue the chase with the pig later making its way back to its owner’s house. 

It wasn’t the first time a pig has decided to take a wander in Wagga.

Just last month police and council rangers were called to Glenfield when a large domestic pig was spotted roaming Goborra and Naretha streets

The pig, despite numerous comments from witnesses about firing up the barbecue for a pork chop dinner, was safely captured and returned to its owner.

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