Pottering around

QUEANBEYAN South Public School students are learning to cultivate a garden in a variety of spaces in all shapes and sizes.

The school's kitchen garden specialist Emily Yarra has incorporated several different ways of growing herbs and vegetables into their own Stephanie Alexander Kitchen-Garden Project.

The latest addition has been a number of "Screwpotz", a pot with a vertical coil attached, which were donated to the school by a local company of the same name.

"We've planted cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchinis, things that like to sprout, climb and need a bit of support, that's the idea behind [the Screwpotz]," Ms Yarra said. 

"The main thing is that it's an exercise in a use of space, this is great for growing vegetables in small spaces which is a positive. The Screwpotz have condensed all the floor growing space into a vertical space.The Screwpotz are also visually interesting, they look quite new age and sci-fi, you can imagine when the plants grow it will continue up the sides, it will be like a fountain of green."

Other examples of different growing methods include a wall garden made from recycled pallets and hessian sacks and the other half is dedicated to a traditional floor garden.

The students have enjoyed having an area to toil in the soil.Year six student Sarah Bevan said her favourite activity was repotting.

"I just like helping in the garden, learning the new names of plants that I didn't know before," she said.

Fellow students Tatiana Truska and Stuart Morrow were looking to cooking up the fruits of their labour.

"It's good to look at what you've helped to do," Stuart said.

The school has almost finished installing their kitchen to be used in conjunction with the garden. The aim is for students to cook up delicious meals using produce from the garden.

Ms Yarra said the plants should be ripe for the picking next year and include a wide-ranging selection of beetroot, beans, chili, carrots, horseradish, potatoes, pumpkin, sunflowers, rocket, kale and basil.

The kitchen specialist thanked all the companies for their donations of plants and building materials.

"It's given us a great teaching and learning space," she said.

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