Crestwood's real estate boost

A TOTAL of 69 new dwellings will be built in Crestwood after three separate residential complexes were approved by the Queanbeyan City Council at Wednesday's meeting.

All complexes will require existing buildings to be demolished to make way for the new structures.

The largest complex, located at 3 Young Street, will be a four storey building with 50 dwellings and 80 car parking spaces in total.

The second complex, on 49 Uriarra Road, will include 11 townhouses and double that amount of car spaces.

Councillors agreed it was a good outcome for the site with the new residential complex to replace a commercial building.

Deputy mayor Peter Bray said it would change what was currently an eyesore and Cr Jamie Cregan agreed.

"It's a vast improvement on what we have there at the moment," Cr Cregan said.

Previously, two applications to build on this site were withdrawn; the last was not supported because of the impact on two heritage propoerties in Ross Road.

In the report, the council's heritage advisor said the current development application complied with guidelines.

"The current proposal has a much reduced height at the common boundary with the heritage cottages and hence the impact is entirely acceptable," they wrote.

"The commercial building proposed for demolition is not considered to be of heritage significance."

The final residential complex approved was an eight dwelling structure at 5 Ross Road. The units will be a mix of two and three storey properties.

There were concerns about planning controls and the car parking area in the first submitted design.

However, council had worked with the applicant to make sure they complied with guidelines and 12 car parking spaces have been included in the current design.

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