Songs for four seasons

FOR most, it's lights, camera, action! But for these guys, it's Frankie Valli, laughs and tight undies.

Hitting the road for the first time in 2008, Oh What a Night! will be playing at the Q Theatre over the next week.

"The appeal of Frankie Valli is the music, the music, the music. The songs are so catchy and they tell a story," said George Solomon, co-producer, writer and singer in the production.

The song line-up will include big hits like, 'Big Girls Don't Cry', 'Sherry', and 'Can't Take My Eyes off You'.

Mr Solomon said this will be the production's second tour to Australia after such great success last year.

"I think what makes the show extra special is that it is not just guys singing songs, it's also a lot of comedy. It never stops moving, never stops dancing and there are a lot of costume changes," he said.

The show promises to charm all as audiences will not only engage with the elements of a huge musical production, but also with each cast member as they play themselves.

"By the end of the show, rather than us doing a biography, people get to know who George, Rick, Brandon and Paul are - the four of us."

The four all play an equal role due to their extraordinary talent.

"When we cast for auditions in L.A., we didn't want to make just one lead singer because everybody sang so great…Everyone has their moment," Mr Solomon said.

"Because we all sing lead, we all have to have the high ranges. We wear special underwear; it's very tight to reach those high notes," he joked.

Mr Solomon admits his love for singing, music and Frankie Valli all began when he was a child. This led to his work with director and co-Producer, Michael Chapman.

Mr Solomon originally performed solo singing Frankie Valli songs.

"He (Mr Chapman) approached me and said, 'wouldn't it be great to have something different?'" Mr Solomon said.

And different it is. Whereas the popular stage show Jersey Boys is a scripted musical biography of the group, it differs to the collaborative and loving tribute Oh What a Night!

The show assures to appeal to all, Mr Solomon said.

"I love it when someone says, 'my six-year-old loved it and my 85-year-old Grandmother loved it'," Mr Solomon said.

"By the end of the show people really feel as though they know our personalities... they always come up to us and say 'we had so much fun with you, because you were having fun'".

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