New CEO takes the reins

QUEANBEYAN Golf Club’s new CEO Jon Burrows acknowledges he’s not much chop when it comes to hitting the middle of the fairway.

But the 53-year-old is confident his lack of playing expertise will not prove a hindrance as he takes the reins at the Parkhill Course.

Burrows officially took over as the club CEO on Monday, replacing Nick Condell in the position.

And while his playing background in the sport is self-admittedly limited, Burrows brings considerable business experience to his new post.

Burrows spent the past 15 years managing the Magpies Club Group in Canberra, a role that included turning the struggling Belconnen Golf Club into a financial success story.

“I don’t see it as a negative,” Burrows said of his lack of golfing experience. “I was involved in the Belconnen Golf Club for the past 10 years and it went from receivership to being in a very good financial position.

“I rely on experts to help me in particular areas and there are groups and organisations out there that assist with turf management and things like that.”

Only a few days in the job, Burrows said he was yet to put in place any firm plans for the club’s immediate future.

But his experience with Belconnen has left him in no doubt as to the importance of ensuring the club’s on and off-course activities form a complementary relationship.

“The clubhouse and the course have to go together,” he said. “At Belconnen we worked on getting the general public and not just golfers more involved in the clubhouse.

“At this stage though, I’m still just trying to get my head around everything. It’s a nice clubhouse here and it’s a good course so I think I will have a good opportunity to promote the club.”

The next major event on the Queanbeyan Golf Club calendar will be the Parkhill Pro Am on Tuesday, February 5. 

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