School stabbing at Karabar

THE victim of an alleged stabbing at Karabar High School remains in Canberra Hospital after undergoing surgery for his injuries on Wednesday afternoon.

The youth, who cannot be identified, suffered wounds to his abdomen and thigh during the alleged attack which took place in the school's lunchbreak on Tuesday. 

His condition following surgery was unknown as of The Queanbeyan Age going to press yesterday afternoon. A second teenager, who also cannot be named, has been charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm following the incident and appeared in Queanbeyan Children's Court on Wednesday morning. 

The Canberra Times is reporting that the youth was referred for a mental health assessment and will be held for treatment if found to be mentally ill or returned to court if not. The teenager remains in police custody. 

The incident took place at Karabar High's Donald Road campus on Tuesday afternoon with paramedics arriving on the scene at 12.45pm, followed shortly by police. Speaking to The Times, Queanbeyan Police duty officer Inspector Christopher Varley said the alleged attacker had already been detained by teachers when police arrived at the school.

"I've got to pay compliments to teaching staff... and the professional job they did to control the incident and contain the young man involved,'' Inspector Varley said. "He was basically with the school staff when we arrived.''

Inspector Varley said the attack had been witnessed by several students as it had occurred during lunch time."A number of students were in the vicinity at the time and of course witnessed what occurred,'' he said.

A number of police combed the school's grounds following the incident while counselling has already been provided to distressed students at the school. 

When contacted by The Queanbeyan Age Karabar High refused to comment publically on the incident.

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