We found Raymond!

Pensioner Raymond Borzelli had never heard of Hollywood actor Sam Worthington.

But he'd now like to thank him.

"Thank you Shane Worthington!" Borzelli said. Umm that's Sam.

The dancing 86-year old pensioner was featured in Tropfest entry, Better Than Sinatra, which scooped second prize at Tropfest. Worthington loved the film so much he chose to go off-script and offer an impromptu $3000 award to Borzelli, who sadly was not present for the ceremony at The Domain, sparking a citywide hunt for him.

Better Than Sinatra director and producer Jefferson Grainger said he tried desperately to track down Borzelli, "We lost him yesterday ... We had cops searching CCTV footage for all the busking sites in the city."

The answer was simple, Borzelli was asleep, "I'd been busking all day at The Rocks and I was tired so I went home and was in bed by 7 o'clock."

Tropfest 2013

Better than Sinatra

Meet Raymond Borzelli - elderly pensioner with a passion for music. At home, Raymond struggles to pay his bills and put food on the table. But out on the streets of Sydney, he dances to a different tune, living out his dreams as the superstar he was meant to be.

The 'dancing busker' – who doesn't collect money for his routines – will receive his $3000 cheque for 'best personality', which will no doubt go a long way to help Borzelli pay the bills he struggles with each month, and will allow him to pick up a few extra cans of his favourite tinned spaghetti.

He was back busking in Pitt Street Mall on Monday but now he gets stopped by fans every few minutes. "I watched you on TV last night I said if I ever saw you I'd give you five dollars and here you are. You're an inspiration," said Rebecca Norris giving him a hug. Next Gemma Haddock wanted a photo with him, "I just want to say congratulations. I was at Tropfest and I think you're just lovely."

People were asking him to dance but the busker he was near was only playing easy-listening style songs. "I can't dance to that," said Borzelli. "I need something more upbeat." // ]]>]]>

The story We found Raymond! first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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