Courting success

TWO years of hard work and fundraising finally paid off at Queanbeyan West earlier this week as the school opened its new $55,000 duel use basketball/netball court.

The new court, which can be adapted for either sport, replaces the school’s previously run down basketball court that was originally constructed in the 1960s.

All the money for the project came from the school itself, with two years of fundraising efforts going towards the facility.

Once construction was begun last month, the new court took approximately six weeks to finish.

“The old courts were really run down, there were holes in the fences and they just weren’t being used very often at all,” Queanbeyan West teacher Cathryn Rodgers said.

“By doing this I think we’ll have all the kids back out here every recess and lunch and we’ll be able to really promote being active and healthy.”

And Queanbeyan West has already switched focus to its next project with the school looking to renovate its infants’ playground and handball courts. 

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