Pressure builds on NBN

LOCAL broadband advocates ramped up the pressure on the Federal Government this week to deliver faster internet, presenting a copy of a national petition signed by 270,000 fibre-to-the-home proponents to Peter Hendy's office in Queanbeyan on Tuesday.

Although the roll out has been slowed by the recent federal election and discovery of asbestos in some Telstra pits, the National Broadband Network (NBN) can't come soon enough for many, including Jerrabomberra man Bruce Chambers.

He told The Queanebeyan Age this week of his frustration with slow internet speeds for non-Telstra customers in Jerrabomberra.

"It is something which I'm very passionate about," he said.

"It can get very frustrating to the say the least when you know there's faster speeds out there, but it's just out of reach."

Mr Chambers works in IT and also dabbles in the bandwidth-consuming hobby of music production. But with no local presence from his internet service provider (ISP) Internode in Jerrabomberra, he's at the back of the queue on daily internet speeds, behind the local Telstra customers.

"My service provider has no local presence in the Jerrabomberra exchange, so I have to use a Telstra port," he said.

"What that means is that every day during prime time period- which is normally between 4pm and midnight- Telstra prioritises the speeds of their own customers, which shapes my speed down. You get pretty slow speeds when that happens, and that's just using regular ADSL.

"I'm hoping that the NBN would come soon, because I'm essentially being shaped by an ISP that I'm not actually a customer of."

Mr Chambers currently pays around $70 a month for line rental and ADSL internet, which allows him around 15 gigabytes of download data a month. He said that would increase to around 300 gigabytes at the same price when the NBN comes online.

"It's beyond comparison really, to have those speeds and that amount of data for the same price.

"I'm just not sure now which way it's going to go as far as whether it will be fibre to the node or fibre to the home. And obviously I'd prefer fibre to the home because it's fibre all the way through," he said.

Meanwhile, new Member for Eden-Monaro, Peter Hendy said the NBN could be less than three years away for Queanbeyan homes.

"As the new member for Eden-Monaro, my role within the community is to ensure that we get our rollout in Eden-Monaro, and across Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra, in the most affordable and quickest way possible," Mr Hendy said.

At this stage Mr Hendy said that the NBN for Queanbeyan residents is scheduled to be fully installed by 2015-2016.

"The NBN is a vital infrastructure project for the new government ... it is going to happen, and it will happen in Eden-Monaro within the next two to three years," Mr Hendy said.

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