Police ramp up RBT operations

QUEANBEYAN Police are imploring drivers to consider the possibly fatal ramifications of drink driving as we approach the busy Christmas/New Year’s period on the region’s roads.

With Christmas almost upon us, police have been ramping up their random breath testing operations in and around Queanbeyan.

Police will also be targeting the heavily trafficked highway routes; in particular the Kings Highway between Queanbeyan and Batemans Bay as well as the Federal and Monaro highways.

Sergeant Dominic Goodyer from the Monaro Traffic and Highway Command Patrol has seen firsthand the devastating effect drink driving can have on those who roll the dice and get behind the wheel.

“We’ve had incidents here where we’ve attended fatal motor vehicle crashes and it’s clear right from the start of the investigation at the crash scene that alcohol has been a factor,” Sergeant Goodyer said.

“You can see evidence of it. You can even smell the alcohol around the crashed vehicle over everything else.

“It’s very sad but the simple fact is that they had the option to do something else. There’s a breadwinner whose not there for their family anymore, someone whose had their life cut short.

“Let alone the grieving process that the family and friends of that person have to go through.”

As part of Queanbeyan Police’s high visibility presence over the next fortnight, Monaro LAC will be deploying a specialised RBT bus that will allow officers to process offenders on the spot.

Sergeant Goodyer said the facility will enable officers to more effectively patrol outlying areas such as Sutton, Royalla and Michelago.

Those convicted of drink driving face penalties of up to two years in jail and fines of up to $5000.

“The implications of driving while intoxicated are enormous,” Sergeant Goodyer said. “People need to realise that you can have your driving privileges suspended on the spot if you’re caught with a midrange or higher reading.

“If that happens, how are you going to get to work the next morning? Will you even be able to keep your job without a license?

“How are you going to get the kids to school? Not only that, but you’ve got a court appearance and you’ll face a monetary penalty or worse.

“The ramifications are extremely serious and people just need to think and make the right choices about when they get behind the wheel.” 

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