Monsters come out to play

AN EMPTY studio was the perfect blank canvas for mural artist Goodie aka Georgia Goodnow and her band of "monsters".

Fractured faces and dark menacing creatures sprawl up the ceiling and spill out along the floor of the room inside Queanbeyan's Artists Shed.

Miss Goodnow, 19, said the space provided the perfect playground for the characters in her exhibition titled There Are Monsters In Our Heads.

Created using house and spray paint the subjects have a three-dimensional quality and appear to "pop" off the walls.

"It's the kind of space that allows you in a healthy way to emit all [your ideas] into an actual physical space, where you can let them play and get them out of your head," she said.

"The whole idea [of the exhibition] is about how we interpret people and things around us in certain ways.

"We unconsciously twist and morph these images in our head as soon as we see them and so we all look at things differently. It's about that but taken to an ultimate extreme."

The creatures were based on photographs and images of the people and places the artist had seen. She then deconstructed them into the "monsters" that inhabit the walls.

"[These] sorts of creatures are instilled in your mind and become fractured and morph into these humanoid creatures. They're not real in a sense but they're not surreal either, they're in that in between stage," she said.

"I find that with things that are beautiful we automatically lend ourselves to that…whereas in this way I wanted something that was still beautiful but in an entirely creepy kind of sense."

The expansive artwork was to be painted over after a week but the Artists Shed owners have decided to keep it up for as long as possible.

Miss Goodnow said she wanted her exhibition to be a "sensory overload". The studio space is illuminated by just two lamps and the music that fills the room is the playlist she listened to while completing the piece. To finish off there's a single stick of burning incense stuck into a disused spray paint can in one corner.

"I guess the whole fundamental idea of art is that you're trying to convey an idea you have to somebody else and you're trying to do that as accurately as you can," she said.

"You're forced into someone else's head and a different way of thinking. I think that's the most important thing and I think I've succeeded if I've been able to do that."

Goodie's There Are Monsters In Our Heads exhibition can be viewed by appointment at the Artists Shed, 14 Foster Street, Queanbeyan.

Watch a timelapse of Goodie's artwork here:

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