Mayor tops ballot paper

QUEANBEYAN City Mayor Tim Overall doesn't believe his position on the ballot paper will make any difference at the upcoming election.

The incumbent drew the top spot when the order was determined during an official proceeding at the Returning Office on Wednesday.

However, Mr Overall told the Age the position of a candidate's name would not secure them any extra votes.

"Some have suggested that it could be advantageous but I don't think there is any real evidence to support that" he said.

"In 2008, I was at the bottom of the draw. At the end of the day I don't think it makes any difference."

Independent candidate Ann Rocca came in second and Labor Party member Brian Brown third. Independents Jamie Cregan and Sue Whelan came fourth and fifth respectfully, but like the mayor, neither one really minded.

"I think people know who the candidates are and what they stand for. I'm well known within the community," Mrs Whelan said.

Despite being ranked fourth, Mr Cregan remained confident for both himself and his ticket after the announcement.

"People are going to vote for a person and look for that name. We don't have enough candidates to worry about which position we are on the ballot paper," he said.

"I feel confident that we will get a number of us up. We're running on a policy platform and not whimsical type of platform. We are pushing for a lot of things for the community and empowering the local community. Empowering the community will create a greater sense of community and we will be able to reengage on a lot of issues."

When asked if he was confident in the lead up to the race Cr Overall declined to comment other than to say local government elections were hard to read because of a lack of opinion polling.

Meanwhile, the results were very different in the general council ballot draw, with the ticket headed by Ms Whelan - which also includes Benjamin Sada, Liz Parker, Jason Webb and Harry Waltmann - named Group A.

The Labor Party's ticket - topped by Brian Brown and includes Judith Burfoot, Ben Duggan, Lyndell Tutty, Steve Curren and Anne Walter - makes up Group B.

Mr Cregan's ticket - which consists of Neil Thompson, Chris Newman, Mauro Davanzo, Steve Bartlett and Michael Bagley - will be Group C.

Group D will consist of front runner Kenrick Wichester, Briony Winchester, Philip Stonham, Keni Kawaleva and Kane Cawse.

The Greens' ticket - topped by Katrina Willis and consisting of Richard Philpott, Margaret Piper, Gregory Buckman and Meg Bold - were named Group E.

The ticket topped by Mayor Overall, which also includes Trudy Taylor, Velice Trajanoski, Peter Bray, Tony McLennan, Steven Petkovski, Michael Biscotti and Rena Spears are Group F.

Independent candidate Brent Hunter is the only candidate running below the line.

The election will take place on September 8.

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