Firefighters hoping all hell won’t break loose

WHILE things may be quiet across  Canobolas Zone firefighters are keeping a close watch on a huge bushfire burning close by.

A 2061 hectare fire at Hells Hole south of Orange is burning out of control and is just half a kilometre away from the Canobolas Zone border.

NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Canobolas Zone manager David Hoadley said crews are ready to help at the fire located in the Bathurst Regional Council area if required.

“It’s very rough country so the Chifley people are doing a good job,” he said.

The forest fire is burning through the Copperhannia National Park south-west of Bathurst with the blaze at an advice level with no immediate danger.



A number of fires did start around Orange on the weekend due to dry lightning strikes but all have been controlled and are now at patrol status.

“We got off brilliantly,” Mr Hoadley said.

“We were very quick in our responses and crews know their roles and get onto it very fast.”

RFS volunteers are patrolling a 30 hectare scrub fire at Four Mile Creek Road, Cadia, a five hectare grassfire at Paling Yards Loop Road, a one hectare grassfire at Icely Road near Suma Park Dam and a two hectare forest fire at Gowan Road, Lewis Ponds.

There are also a number of large fires in the Bathurst region including Hell’s Hole, a 1554 hectare fire at Redbank, a 50 hectare blaze at Linden Park and 354 hectare near Winburndale Dam.

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