Worth the wait

DESPITE initial construction delays at the new town, future Googonians Jon and Laura Stumbles are convinced their new home will be worth the wait.

Mr Stumbles is also a sales agent for Elders Real Estate and has sold homes at the new town as well as purchasing his own, a three bedroom, two bathroom house to be built in stage two of the development.

He said the success of Jerrabomberra, a former CIC Australia project, had convinced him that the new venture would be successful.

"They did a good job at Jerra and they're using that same footprint out there. I think over time it will be successful," Mr Stumbles said.

The couple sold their Jerrabomberra home last year, however construction delays at Googong have ensured they won't move in to their new home until mid-year.

"We sold our place 12 months ago with the expectation that it would be ready for us, but obviously things happen. But whenever it happens, it happens," Mr Stumbles said.

However he said the strong early sales at Googong was another attraction for new residents.

"It's been really positive. If you use Jerrabomberra as its twin brother, the time Jerra took to sell 100 blocks, Googong have done it in a matter of weeks.

"They're now up over 400 blocks in sales at Googong, and that took years in Jerra to get to that point,

"I put that down to the fact ... that we haven't had and real land available since the end of Jerrabomberra about 10 years ago. So we've had all of that build-up of people wanting to buy a new property, but they don't want to go to Casey or north side to build a home.

So as soon as something became available this side, they were like piranhas, and they sold 200 or 300 blocks straight away.

"And I think that's a big reason why the town is going to be successful. You're going to have a town straight away. Within 12-18 months, there's going to be hundreds of houses built, so you're not going to be living around a dust bowl for years like in some other developments," he said.

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