Build your skills at the 4WD Spectacular!

WINDING around the test track at Queanbeyan Showground in a 200 series Toyota Landcruiser, it feels like we must certainly tip and roll. The angles are crazy steep, and surely the vehicle must succumb to the forces of gravity and tumble back to the bottom of the dirt bank.

But experienced ACT 4WD Club member and test track coordinator Les Briggs is at the wheel, and steers us over the bumps, banks and steep hills of the track with controlled precision.

He'll be doing the same thing for members of the public who get down to see the annual 4WD Spectacular at the Showground this weekend.

"You can come here and get taken through in a standard vehicle, and actually see how the vehicle performs and where the traction control engages and how it all works," Mr Briggs said.

"With a bit of careful driving, you can get around this course is standard, production vehicles."

There's also a choice of vehicles on offer, including 200 and 70 series Landcruisers, Hilux dual cabs, Mazda BT50, VW Amaroks, Isuzu autos, Land Rover Discos, Range Rover 90 or 100, Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler and Nissans.

Four-wheel drive enthusiasts can team up with drivers from a number of local 4WD clubs and take on the challenging track, learning more about the techniques used to traverse rough terrain and the capabilities of a standard 4WD vehicle.

"We're trying to show people how to get the most out of their vehicle and enjoy the outdoors in a way that doesn't get them into trouble or harm the environment," Mr Briggs said.

"You're talking about a vehicle that weighs two and a half tonnes or more: you wouldn't want that to become a projectile. You want to be in control both heading up and down hills.

"It also teaches you how to respond to different situations, like what to do if you stall a vehicle at the top of a hill, how you recover the vehicle," he said.

As well as the test track, the 4WD Spectacular will feature a range of demonstrations and equipment education seminars, modified vehicles, 4WD accessories, performance, camping and outdoors equipment and more.

Gates open from 8.30am to 5pm Saturday and 8.30am to 4pm Sunday. Entry costs $15 for adults, $10 concession and entry is free for accompanied children under 16.

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