LETTER: Community’s positive feedback

ONE of the comments I most appreciate hearing from the community is that over the last four years many feel their council has operated as a largely cohesive and positive force to enact decisions that are in the best interests of Queanbeyan as a whole.

As a growing city, there are inevitably many competing interests, all of which deserve time, attention and often, funding, however elected representatives need to look at a complete picture as advanced by the many rather than politically convenient quick-fixes that fail to deal with the future.

Such outcomes can only be achieved in conjunction with strong and constructive relationships with council staff and the General Manager.

These people are professionals within their field whose role is to provide critical services to the community as well as deliver relevant and accurate information and advice in order that the elected council can make the best possible decisions for the overall benefit.

Over the last term, an environment of respect, goodwill and consultation has been fostered between a majority of councillors and council staff and it is my hope that this will continue to ensure that the end result is always for the greater good of our city.

Cr Tim Overall, Mayor

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