LETTER: Money matters

IT’S genuinely perplexing that the Mayor of Queanbeyan City Council which says it can’t afford to maintain its parks and footpaths without levying a 5.8 per cent Special Rate Variation (SRV), and which is selling city parks to raise more funds, places such a high priority on spending $3 million for a facelift for Monaro St (Queanbeyan Age, August 3, 2012).

The Greens can identify plenty of other priorities for funding and council’s attention. For example:

■ Constructing a parkand- ride facility in Queanbeyan CBD to encourage people to use public transport and thereby ease traffic congestion;

■ Developing the transport plan Queanbeyan Council resolved three years ago to undertake;

■ Preparing the stormwater management plan for which Council has been collecting a levy for several years;

■ Committing to implementing the Queanbeyan bicycle plan within a certain timeframe instead of budgeting funds and then under spending;

■ Allocating more funds for weed management;

■ Building footpaths for part of the city long denied them, to improve safety and encourage walking;

■ Designating public land for more community gardens;

■ Developing a system of greenways for people to travel by foot, bicycle or horse across rural parts of our city;

■ Providing more facilities, such as youth centres, for young people; and

■ Investing in renewable energy for Council buildings. Budget priorities reflect values. 

Mayor Overall’s speak volumes about his.

Katrina Willis, Greens candidate for Queanbeyan City Council

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