Family home destroyed

THE owner of a house that was gutted by fire on Rossi Road, Rossi, is remaining positive despite the monumental challenges that lay ahead of him and his two young children.

The fire started at around 11.30am and David Tassicker was called and informed about the plight of his home not long after midday. He said he struggled to come to terms with what he was told.

"I was in disbelief really, I partly thought it was a hoax. I thought they had the wrong property or something," he told The Age.

The Canberra paramedic and volunteer firefighter, who has lived in the house for about six years, was in Melbourne when the incident occurred and he said in many ways he wished he was around to deal with it.

"I do wish I was around and it's just bizarre how it started," he said.

While he is staying with a friend in Forbes Creek , his immediate priority is to look for somewhere to stay.

"I've got to find some accommodation for the kids, dogs, horses and I…that's the priority at the moment, just to get a roof over our heads."

Queanbeyan Fire Brigade station officer Mark Beechcroft said the house, located off Captains Flat Road, was almost completely destroyed. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

"We're looking at about 95 per cent contents damage and about 95 per cent structure completely wrecked … the roof collapsed as well," he confirmed on Friday March 27.

Nearby resident Simone Cramp, who was driving into Queanbeyan when she saw the smoke, was first on the scene last week.

"I called 000 straight away but I actually went up to the house as well because I knew they had young kids … I was yelling out but I couldn't hear anyone," she said.

While she didn't panic, Mrs Cramp admitted she was shocked to see this type of fire in a rural setting.

"Living in the country you see your share of fires, but they are usually bushfires not house fires, I've never really seen anything like this."

Mr Beechcroft echoed those sentiments and added that it was surprising to be called out on a wet day like last Friday.

"You don't really expect to fight a fire on a day like today (Friday March 27). But this wasn't your usual fire obviously and it's a reminder to always be vigilant."

Mr Tassicker said the incident hasn't made him consider trading the country lifestyle for a more central location closer to town.

"It's nothing to do with living out in the bush it's clearly just something wrong with the house."

Queanbeyan Police said investigations are ongoing.

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