Bowling and rolling

HE'S a 72-year-old lawn bowler who hasn't allowed age to weary him on his way to becoming a sports star in a very different way.

Meet Frank Peniguel, former Canberra resident and a bowler of 12-and-a-half years' experience who has packed his life into a kombi van and hit Australia's great highways to set a new Guinness World Record for the most bowling clubs bolwed at within a 12-month period.

His aim is to complete his quest with a whopping 600 separate clubs bowled at, between January 10 of this year and January 9 next year.

"I bought this kombi van and fixed it up a bit, and then decided that instead of just travelling in it, I could set a record or a legacy," Mr Peniguel said.

"It's turned out to be a legacy to bowls, where by doing this I'm attracting interest. It gets more people engaging with bowls."

Mr Peniguel added that 16 per cent of all bowlers aged over 60 leave the sport, and he hopes part of his legacy will be attracting more people to the sport to replace these outgoers and keep lawn bowls alive.

His kombi van is literally all he has on this tour- not only for travel, but for accomodation and catering as well.

"It's a little bit cramped in there," he said with a laugh.

He spent five days in the region this week, bowling at 12 different clubs- ten in Canberra and two in Queanbeyan- including Queanbeyan's RSL Club this afternoon.

After spending 58 years living in Canberra, he moved to Melbourne briefly before relocating to Daylesford in country Victoria to live with his partner.

He said one of the hardest parts of his time on the road is being away from her, but he hoped that she could join him on a few occasions along the way.

"In the first two-and-a-half months I travelled to and from Daylesford between bowling clubs in Victoria, so I managed to get back home then," he said.

"I said to my partner 'come join me if you wish', and she said that's what she was planning, so I'm sure I will get to see her again."

Mr Peniguel will now make his way through NSW before spending the winter months in Queensland.

He will then head to South Australia before finishing his remarkable journey in Tasmania, choosing to skip the Northern Territory and Western Australia due to time constraints.

After today's action he will have bowled at 165 clubs so far this year.

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