Two Blokes rally for charities

ONE car. Two blokes. More than 3500 kilometres in seven days.

It's an exhausting journey but that's what Carwoola mates, Darren Skuse and Matt Marais have willingly signed themselves up for.

They'll be travelling from Perth to Darwin as part of the 250-car contingent in the Cancer Council's 2014 Sh-tbox Rally.

And with an event name like that, the prerequisite is that each automobile is worth less than $1000.

The team's pride and joy is a 1984 BMW 323 to be exact. The vehicle was donated and lovingly restored by the mechanics at ACT Automotive and Offroad Centre.

The car is yet to be named, with that privilege to be auctioned off at a later date.

"We're very confident that we've got the right car and the right people have looked at it," Mr Skuse, 30, said.

"They've made sure it's really strong and ready to go. We'll be there at the finish line in Darwin."

The friends met about 18 months ago while working at Airservices Australia and subsequently set up "Two Blokes - Adventure for Fun(d)", an organisation that raises money and awareness for charities close to their hearts.

So far they've raised $20,000 for various charities by taking part in events like Movember, the Black Dog Ride and Mystery Box Rally.

"Darren and I both have, for different reasons, similar goals and similar passions and a sense of adventure," Mr Marais, 24, said.

"We have a motivation and enthusiasm to do something good for other people."

The men's motivation comes after both experiencing health scares in their young lives.

Mr Skuse was diagnosed with a bone tumour in his right leg when he was just 12-years-old.

At the age of 17, he was given two options from his doctors, and this led to his decision to have his leg amputated below his knee in 1999. He later went on to play wheelchair basketball professionally.

In 2013, Mr Marais also had a close call and spent months in and out of hospital. In a matter of weeks, he had loss more than 20 per cent of his body weight and was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

In the future, the pair would like to be able to run their own events through Two Blokes.

"I feel I have a reason and a drive to be able to give back. That's the reason why I'm here today," Mr Skuse said.

"We really want to have our own events so from A to B, go to woe; we know where every dollar is going.

"I have more specific goals than the average punter of where I would like the funding to go because of how cancer has touched me…we want to own it, to really own it."

The Sh-tbox Rally is perhaps their biggest adventure to date. But the two blokes almost didn't make it after they were told that all the spots had been filled and the only way to qualify was to be one of the highest fundraisers in the Mystery Box Rally.

They managed to raise almost $9000 in six weeks showing just how committed they are to the cause.

The men have an extra leg added to the adventure as they have to trek from Carwoola to the starting point in Perth and finally conclude in Darwin. They will commence their journey on May 23, with the actually rallying beginning on May 31 and concluding on June 6.

They've estimated they'll be spending 108 hours in the car together. So, how do they think they'll go?

"We're both pretty easy going blokes. We're both very determined and our goals are lined up and I think that helps," Mr Skuse said.

"Even if it does get hard, there will be late nights and when we're pushing to make deadlines, we'll take it in our stride. We both realise what we're trying to achieve in the end.

"What we're doing is a challenge, but that's the point. There are people challenged every day trying to deal with cancer."

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