Three worlds converge | Gallery

"INTERCHANGE" uses contrast to explore the work of three very different artists. The exhibition bills itself as a "cultural exchange between East and West, exploring both the similarities and differences in contemporary painting".

Queanbeyan's Timo Nest works with abstraction in natural pigments to express places his travelled. Lokesh Soni, based in Udiapur India, has worked with the expressionist figure using emotion, iconography and colour. While, Zoya Tavakoli of Shiraz, Iran uses the stream of consciousness abstracts that border on the surreal.

"There's clearly three different individuals in this exhibition," Mr Nest said.

"You can do a solo show and it could be just as impressive but it would never have the same diversity as a group show...I think what you see on the walls represents exteme divesity but yet it's still talking to one another."

Interchange will be on display at the Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre exhibition space until June 28.

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