Skoolbo Aussie skips into classrooms

IT'S the interactive learning tool that is sweeping across the nation's classrooms. It's called Skoolbo Aussie and is used by more than one million children, teachers and parents to help with maths and reading.

The online program uses a question and answer model with Queanbeyan South Public School year two student Baylia Potts bestowed the honour of answering the four millionth question in Australia correctly.

On Friday, June 20, Skoolbo Aussie school implementation manager Matthew Wheatley visited Queanbeyan South Public to congratulate the youngster.

Teacher Elizabeth Harley is a big fan of the program after introducing Skoolbo Aussie into the classroom about a month ago.

"It's an innovative online learning program that helps the children with their literacy and numeracy," she said.

"It's extremely engaging because it quite unashamedly gets into the gaming world but teachers are able to check results and follow the progress of the children.

"There are reward levels as the children go through the program and the value is that it's an individualised learning program, very sophisticated in its production."

The program is used in more than 15 countries and an advantage of the program is that it's free and can be used both at school and home.

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