Five things...with Omar Musa

Rapper, author, poet and proud Queanbeyanite Omar Musa. Photo: Kim Pham.

Rapper, author, poet and proud Queanbeyanite Omar Musa. Photo: Kim Pham.

The River is always number one. I love the River, I get a real sense of soul from it. It always rejuvenates me to see the river and I know there's a lot of history to it. And like all rivers, it's coming from somewhere and going somewhere and I kind of like that. I used to spend a lot of time down there fishing, swimming and hanging out.

Second would be the flats that I grew up in. People always kind of look down on the flats but I love it. It's one of these things, it's very strange. So many people from all around the world - far flung places in Asia, the Middle East, Balkans, Pacific Islands - somehow they're thrown together in these blocks and have to forge a community.

The basketball court near the Railway Station. I always go and shoot around there. I get solace doing that. I love hearing the train go past and feeling the history in Queanbeyan - it's sort of a turbine underneath the ground that's full of this energy. Queanbeyan's definitely got a soul.

Weirdly enough, I really like the cemetery because there's a lot of history there. Some of it very dark history. I like to wander past and imagine what it was like here 150 years ago. You realise that multiculturalism is not a new thing; you can see gravestones in Arabic there, Syrians who came during the gold rush. Amazing.

Lastly, Kingsleys Chicken because I used to work there when it was still across the road from The Royal. It's something I secretly enjoy from time to time, my guilty pleasure. I used to work there and I met so many characters, so many Queanbeyan characters that I still think about every now and then.

There was bloke who used to come in and spin these really tall tales. He would insist that we serve his food on a plate with a plastic knife and fork so he could eat it ... like it was a proper banquet or something.

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