A great night out

ROBBO'S Harley Davidson hosted a garage night on Wednesday, September 5. What may surprise you is that it was focused on the female motorcycle rider.

Including in-depth discussions about safety and care presented by both staff from Robbo’s and the local Stay Upright Motorcycle Training Centre, the opportunity to ride a Harley whether you have your license or not (don’t worry ladies and gentlemen! It was strapped down in the Dyno) and the chance to meet like-minded individuals, this night was certainly an eye opener for any rider.

As a woman with very limited experience with motor cycles, the opportunity to get onto one, have my questions answered and feel included in an experience far out of my element was fantastic. The other ladies were welcoming and shared their on road experience with the newbies of the group and the staff were on hand to answer any questions. The quality of the customer service throughout the night was exceptional, when riding the bike on the dyno Pete the mechanic changed the gears for me, and taught me about gear changes as we went all the way up to 148 kmp/hr (not that I was counting) and Anne and Bonita’s knowledge of the merchandise was fantastic (their personal experience when using the gear was especially handy) were just a few of the quality of the customer care and focus exhibited on the night.

For those ladies out there who have wished to ride any bike, from a little 250cc Vespa to a big Harley Sportster, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about your motorcycle, its upkeep and how you can become a safer and more confident motorcycle rider.

To find out when the next garage night is, head to the Robbo’s Harley Davidson website and check out their events calendar.

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