Treasurer visits Central Cafe

QUEANBEYAN'S iconic Central Cafe hosted federal Treasurer Joe Hockey and local member Peter Hendy on Thursday morning, as Mr Hockey spruiked the government's commitment to assisting small business nationwide.

TV crews, photographers and journalists crowded the main street cafe and jostled for position as Mr Hockey met with the local business owners and announced a company tax cut to take effect from July 1 .

Questions from the press gallery soon turned to the state of the budget, and then to Liberal leadership speculation, sparking a passionate plea for governing in the national interest from Mr Hockey, who also stopped to chat with kitchen staff and waiters at the local eatery.

Cafe owner Steve Mastoris said he was happy to host the federal politicians, and approved of the pro-small business message. "Of course I support assistance for small business here in Queanbeyan. Every little bit helps," he said.