Garden chores | August 15

  • Time to check nursery seed stands for varieties of tomatoes and other warm season crops like capsicum and cucumber. Sown indoors or in glasshouses in August, seedlings will be sufficiently well grown and ready for hardening off under shelter outdoors by the end of October.
  • Now that we are back over 10 hours of daylight, plant seedlings of Chinese leafy greens, leeks and spring onions. Sow seeds of English spinach, peas, radishes, coriander and mesclun salad leaf mix. 
  • Keep watch on various species of stone fruit trees, noting that the ‘pink’ stage known as ‘budswell’ (just before the blossom appears), is the time to spray with a proprietary mix, such as Kocide, if you wish to combat fungal problems like curly leaf and shot hole.
  • Make a diary note of some plants now in bloom: Prunus, violets, narcissus/jonquils, hellebores, Euphorbia wulfenii, Sasanqua and early Camellia japonica; winter iris; Chaenomeles (Japonica); Euryops pectinata; primulas, pansies, violas, viburnum, correa grevillea and banksia.


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