Garden chores | March 11

  • Hill-up the soil around the stems of seedling winter greens to keep them straight and firm in the ground. Feed regularly with liquid plant food and keep cabbage white butterflies at bay with Dipel, a spray- on bacterial compound that affects only caterpillars, or protect with a fine-hole exclusion net.
  • Remove any all-green growth that may have appeared on variegated foliage shrubs and climbers. Green is always the stronger of the two and will eventually dominate the whole plant unless checked.
  • As vegetable plots are gradually harvested prior to a winter rest, clear the ground and sow green manure crops like field peas, lucerne, rye, barley, oats (available from the local produce store), allowing them to grow on just to point of seeding, when they can be chopped down and turned into the ground to enrich the soil ready for spring planting.
  • Time to remove spent summer annuals, replenish the planting site with compost and manure and plant out a selection of the four P’s – poppies, pansies, primulas and polyanthus.


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