Garden chores | June 9

  • Prune grapevines (including ornamentals), maples, birch trees and  walnuts as soon as the foliage has fallen. These are among plants whose sap rises early – late pruning can result in excessive ‘bleeding’. 
  • Rake up autumn leaves from lawns and paths and bag or compost for future use. If composting isn’t your scene then offer them to friends in new suburbs who need all the organic material they can get to add to their soil.
  • Protect the crowns of in-ground fuchsia plants from frost with a small mound of dry leaves or straw; leave any pruning until mid-September.
  • Plant pips of lily-of-the-valley in woodland soils. Set out lilium bulbs immediately after purchase or lifting. Lilium have no protective tunic or ‘skin’ and will dry out with prolonged exposure.