Garden chores | July 10

  • Should it get too wet to dig, still-moist soils make for easy weeding. Use a fork to loosen seedling privets and other unwanted woody shrubs like cherry plums and nettle trees that one invariably finds growing beneath overhead wires where birds have deposited the seeds.
  • Camellias, azaleas and daphne can be transplanted while in full bloom, which is actually a short period of dormancy. New growth will recommence once flowering has finished.
  • Clear clumps of peonies of dead stems and foliage. A top dressing of coco-peat or well matured sawdust will help new growth to break clean in spring and prevent infection of the blooms with grey mould or botrytis.
  • If you would like to grow plants in the crevices of paving stones, driveways or paths, consider Thyme of numerous species; Ajuga; Gazania and Mondo grass. Sow Alyssum beneath apple trees to deter the codling moth.