Warm up at the Fireside wine festival

Cellar door at Gundog Estate. Photo: Fran Marshall

Cellar door at Gundog Estate. Photo: Fran Marshall

The Fireside wine festival will start with a wine-tasting experience at New Acton on Saturday August 18, featuring several local winemakers from the capital region. Special cellar door prices will be offered at festival events.

Events will be held in Gundaroo during August, including a dessert experience at the Gundog Estate cellar door completed with muscat tastings and the award-winning Grazing restaurant.

Contentious Character will host an evening with a roast pig along, wood fired pizza and Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris. There will be a barrel burning event at Lake George Winery for the fire bugs. While. the Boathouse restaurant in Barton will showcase wines from Collector Wines and Mount Majura Vineyard.

Lake George vineyards will be offering tours and explain the region’s diverse styles ranging from Sangiovese to Riesling, and the different micro-climates that produce them in and around Bungendore.

Finally, Pankhurst Wines will bring some older vintages out of the cellar for a tasting on Father’s Day. The festival will conclude on Saturday September 1. For dates and bookings visit Canberra Wine’s website canberrawines.com.au