Member for Hume Angus Taylor resigns

RESIGNED: Angus Taylor has resigned from the Turnbull Ministry.
RESIGNED: Angus Taylor has resigned from the Turnbull Ministry.

Member for Hume Angus Taylor has formally resigned as Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security in the Turnbull Ministry

In a statement to the Goulburn Post, Mr Taylor acknowledged the recent frustration in his electorate as this week’s events unfolded.

“I acknowledge the frustration and disappointment the electorate feels about the events of the past week in Federal Parliament,” Mr Taylor said. 

“I want to thank the hundreds of constituents who have taken the time to call, email and visit my electorate offices in recent days and voice their opinions. I continue to welcome the feedback.

“However, the privilege of being an elected member of parliament brings with it a responsibility to be true to your own values and to do what you believe is best for the constituency.

“I believe the Government’s policies should clearly reflect the values of our centre-right Liberal Party.

“Those values include the stout defence of our freedoms, strong support for our small businesses and our Australian industries where we have global advantage, government spending within its means, and minimising government waste so that we can provide essential services to the community and support those who are less privileged.

“Resigning my ministry was a very difficult decision, as loyalty to the leader is a value I hold in high regard. I accept there will be a range of views about my decision to resign. I accept that some will see this as an act of disloyalty.

“My actions have been taken with the sole aim of securing the re-election of the Coalition Government. I believe the re-election of the Coalition Government is in the best interests of Australia, the electorate and the people of Goulburn Mulwaree.”

Mr Taylor backed Peter Dutton in an unsuccessful ballot on Tuesday, which saw Mr Turnbull hold onto his job by a slim margin of just 13 votes.

Reaction to the leadership spill 

Meanwhile, former Labor Senator for NSW Ursula Stephens said there was "an inevitability about what comes next.”

“This is all whipped up by ambitious insiders," Mrs Stephens said. 

"Most people just want a decent, active, honest government and are never impressed by this type of chaos."  

Goulburn Labor branch president Jason Shepherd was also was not impressed by the infighting.

“Let Malcolm Turnbull run his full term because we don’t need any more turmoil,” Mr Shepherd said.

“There are some really important issues like climate change, unemployment, housing affordability, the widening gap in inequality, the banks and what they’re doing. There’s a lot of things we need to be focusing on right now and wasting time on this type of carry on is just unacceptable.

“It’s a matter of leadership. A real leader wouldn’t concern themselves with this type of carry on. In the Labor Party, we obviously had these issues too but as Australians what we need is leaders that aren’t obsessed with the polls.

“We need leaders that are willing to push forward and do the unpopular thing. Leaders that will state their argument and actually have that discussion with the people rather than just sitting back and looking at the polls. We need leaders that are prepared to lead.” 

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