Fireworks Australia Gunning trade show 2018

Fireworks Australia’s Gunning Fireworks Spectacular and trade show on Saturday was a huge success with thousands of visitors including  many trade delegates attending to view the latest in commercial fireworks on offer.

 The Gunning Fireworks night started out as a trade show delegates from around the country attending Fireworks Australia’s demonstrations of the products they had for sale at the Gunning Golf Club. locals would also turn up to watch and people in the know used to invite friends.

 Several years ago it was decided that the Gunning community could also benefit from this event and while it remains a trade show where individual products or groups of products are set off in a planned one by one demonstration. Delegates and pyrotechnicians who come from all over the country. have sheets with descriptions and prices plus the firing number of each item so they can evaluate what they are likely to purchase for pyrotechnics displays.

 The event has grown to become an amazing spectacle, hailed as the biggest of its type in Australia. At the end of the trade demonstrations, which are now held on the Gunning showground arena there is a mass fireworks display set to music and featuring many of the products shown earlier in the program.

 To keep the spectators busy and stop the kids from getting restless there is also a carnival set up providing as variety of rides and other entertainment. there are also market stalls and a considerable number of food trucks  and stalls offering a wide variety of international fast food dishes and drinks.

 The event has become so popular that many people, apart from those there for the trade show, travel large distances to experience Gunning’s biggest community event of the year. It is no longer a local community event but one involving dozen’s of volunteers and paid personnel to cater for the massive influx of people.

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