Garden Chores | September 11

  • Take time to remove faded flowers from early narcissus, allowing the plants to put energy into next years bloom rather than forming seed.
  • Seed potatoes set out now will give you a pan full of ‘chats’ for Christmas lunch whilst the rest continue to grow on for a larger autumn cropping. Newly available strawberry plants can also be out now into an organically rich, weed-free plots or window boxes.
  • Established lawns will benefit from coring, either by machine or with a garden fork, to aerate any compacted ground and at the same time allow a dressing of fertiliser to be watered down into the root zone where it will do the most good. Be aware that commercial ‘Weed and Feed’ will remove any clover as well as flat weeds from turf, should you wish to keep it.
  • Unwanted grass and flat weeds in garden beds can be zapped with Yates Zero Rapid Action weedkiller. It works so fast you can seen most weeds start to die within one hour and the spray is rainproof after 30 minutes. Yates Pathweeder is strictly for use on paths only as it not only kills weeds but prevents any germination of seeds (wanted or not) for up to 12 months.