50+ Lifestyle And Living | Arthritis ACT has increased its services


“Arthritis ACT is very excited to inform you that we have increased our services,” their spokesperson said.

Occupational therapy

“We have recently welcomed Occupational Therapist Jacqui Luff into our organisation.

“Jacqui has a wealth of experience in assisting people with those modifications to their home and general life that makes life easier.”

Are you having issues undertaking some of the tasks of daily living? Why not give Jacqui a call and speak to her about what might make life more fulfilling for you?  

“Jacqui can see NDIS and GP Medicare referral clients as well as anyone else in the community.”


“Our physiotherapist Jacqui Couldrick has recently completed the GLA:D training which makes her accredited to undertake the knee and hip osteoarthritis program which has seen people able to avoid, put off, and just improve their general health and wellbeing prior to joint replacement surgery.

“We are presently the only organisation in the ACT offering this program which has been clinically proven to improve pain and functioning in osteoarthritic knees and hips.

“This program is covered by many private health funds and includes education as well as a practical exercise program which you attend for six weeks.”

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Exercise physiologist

“Sophie, our exercise physiologist, has just completed an in depth analysis on hydrotherapy and falls prevention.

“If you are experiencing problems with being unsteady on your feet and would like some exercises that would assist you from falling, talk to Sophie.

“She can assist you with both land and pool based exercises that will improve your balance and leave you feeling more confident.

“Maybe you use a gym but you don’t really know what you should be doing there to work on the areas of your body that will improve your health? Sophie can meet you at the gym and utilise her four years of tertiary study to design you an exercise program that will properly meet your health and exercise needs.”

Awareness days

This month has both World Arthritis Day – Friday October 12 – and World Osteoporosis Day – Thursday October 20.

This year's theme for World Arthritis Day is; It's in your hands, take action.

The last two themes for World Osteoporosis Day have been; Love Your Bones - Protect your Future. 

Both world campaigns aim to raise funds and increase awareness of who might be a sufferer and how they might be affected. In both cases its not always who you might think. Younger people can get arthritis, and men can suffer from osteoporosis.

Arthritis ACT says “Look out for our messages as to other tips for how to keep yourself strong and healthy.”