Exciting new rail project

This week’s election promise to improve rail services between Canberra, Queanbeyan, Goulburn and Sydney has been met with skepticism.

The fast train to Sydney has been abandoned after three decades of promises, with ACT and NSW politicians now pledging a “faster” train.

Fortunately, the lighting speed Shinkansen, revamped XPTs, Canadian Rocky Mountain Railroaders, Explorers and a range of other European fast trains are now possibility, albeit at a scale of 1:160.

The Canberra Monaro N Scale Group is in desperate need of a home. The club is a not for profit incorporated body promoting N scale model railways in Canberra, Queanbeyan and Southeast NSW for the past 20 years. It now owns over 40 modules which are regularly on display at the local Kaleen, Malkara and Wagga Wagga model railway exhibitions. Members can build exhibition layouts of up to 10 x 10 metres.

According to club president, Stephen O’Brien, “The problem is that we are dependent on the generosity of our members to store modules at their homes to allow us to participate in local exhibitions. The Group is now of such a size, where this is becoming impractical.”

“As a result, CMNSG is looking at options for a permanent ‘home’ in the local Canberra or Queanbeyan area. This would also allow the club to build a fixed layout, offer extended operating hours and better modelling support for our members and the wider Canberra community. This is particularly valuable for people that may not have space for their own layouts at home.

“The club provides considerable community benefit and support for its members and their extended families within the community through improved men’s health, mateship and support based on a common interest, N Scale Trains.

“Being a-not for profit group of simple means, we offer potential landlords tangible benefits in terms of increased use and presence after-hours to reduce incidents of vandalism. Our members also have many skills that can be used in maintaining items anywhere between our niche, 1:160, and full scale.

“The club is looking to establish relationships with potential public authorities, aged care facilities, health care establishments, local business, or benevolent benefactors interested in helping us out with either access to unused land or under-utilised buildings as a ‘home’.

“A permanent ‘home’ will allow us to store the current layout modules in a central location, build and operate a fixed layout, while providing a meeting space for our members and guests,” Mr O’Brien said.

If you can help Canberra Monaro N Scale Group, they can be contacted through their website www.cmnsg.com.au or by emailing the secretary: 

  • secretary@cmnsg.com.au
A faster train from the ACT and Southeast NSW to Sydney has been met with skepticism by voters.

A faster train from the ACT and Southeast NSW to Sydney has been met with skepticism by voters.