Fishing | Saltwater anglers spoilt for choice

2019 has started with a bang in the saltwater, with many anglers out chasing their favourite species.

The marlin bite has been quite good so early in the season, so it’s shaping up to be great once the current slows.



Some large dolphin fish have been landed off JB and the FAD off the bay, on both line and spear.

Snapper fishing has been great with micro vibes a standout producer.

The kingfish bite has been pretty good on days the current isn’t roaring, with mostly small fish landed.

Estuaries are alive and surface fishing is the new craze; bream, duskies and of course whiting are loving this approach.  

Mountain rivers have also been very productive and, with reasonable rain, the water has been a little dark preventing spooking, which in turn has resulted in some great captures.

It seems the hot weather has slowed the outstanding bite at Eucumbene; bait fishing at sun down or late in the evening has been the best time to land a few.

“Things have been a little hard in the ’Bidgee.”

Locally, things have been a little hard in the ’Bidgee. Some big rains have given the river a good old flush, moving rocks and logs, creating new hidey-holes but losing a few favourite snags. 

Surface lures on sun up have nailed a few fish this week.

Some great fish have been pulled from Googong, both cod and yellows. I also have to mention the huge number of redfin that have been hitting a wide range of lures, even very large lures intended for big cod.