Mayoral Minute with Cr Tim Overall: Queanbeyan, a Smart City

As part of the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs grant program, implementation of some of the smart infrastructure has begun in Queanbeyan. This project will include Wi-Fi, smart lighting, smart parking, CCTV, environmental sensors and 3D planning.

Mongarlowe Mallee plant

There are only six Mongarlowe Mallee plants known to exist in the world and it is critically endangered.

Three plants are located within the QPRC area, in difficult to access heathland.

The council has been contracted by South East Local Land Services to conduct aerial vegetation surveys over suitable habitat in the area north of Mongarlowe.

The purpose of this survey is to take high resolution aerial photos of heathland patches from remote pilot aircraft (drones), which are then used to hopefully identify additional Mongarlowe Mallee plants.

This project is being funded by the Australian Government.

Back to school

With children returning to school last week, it is important to remember to slow down to 40km/h in school zones. You may have noticed larger signs on the back of buses, reminding road users to slow to 40km/h when the lights are flashing. Buses use these lights to tell other drivers that they are picking up or dropping off students.

Footpath work in Bungendore

The council is continuing to install footpaths in Bungendore, utilising the remaining funds from the $500k Bungendore improvements project under the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund. Work will continue along Malbon Street from the petrol station towards the school.

QPRC mayor Tim Overall.

QPRC mayor Tim Overall.