Fishing | Exceptional fishing over last fortnight

There has been some exceptional fishing throughout our region.

The Murrumbidgee river has finally started to yield some decent fish, even though is been quite dirty.

Spinner baits and swim baits have been successful in the faster moving water, where hard body diving lures have worked best in deeper slower moving pools.

Bait anglers have also been cleaning up on most local species, with the good old garden worm catching most fish. 

Lake Ginninderra has also been quite consistent with smaller goldens and loads of reddies.

Bait anglers are catching more fish but a few nice goldens have come from the deeper water on Tn50, and the odd cod popping up on a stumpy.

Lake Burley Griffin really turned on it on for the Australia Day weekend; both land and on the water anglers have caught some great fish.

Natural coloured lures that make plenty of noise or vibration in the water have been working best, where normally I run mostly silent lures in LBG.

Vibes and spinners have been electric for redfin, and walking the banks constantly moving and casting, searching for schools, it is not an uncommon way to land 30-40 fish. 

Rolling in deeper water around structure caught its fair share of crackers over the weekend, an array of plastics and bibless lures are all working a treat.

At Googong, redfin are in plague proportion – some boats are catching over 150 fish per session.

I definitely encourage heading out and getting a feed, taking home some redfin – not only are they tasty but you help out our native fish from these invasive pests.