Fishing | Autumn weather means surprises in the water

It's been a mixed bag of weather in the local region lately; hot, dry days one day, to a cold snap and rain the next. Autumn weather can be very unpredictable but yet very rewarding.

Burrinjuck has been fishing well in the very early morning from 1-6am; cod have been loving big swimbaits and surface lures, as well as large plastics put right in front of their nose.

Big schools of reddies have been found quite deep off steep banks and yellows haven't been too far behind.

Carp have also been extremely active as electrical storms have brewed.

Mornings have also been the ticket to the 'Bidgee, a few more cod have been caught this week as morning temperatures start to hit single digits. Targeting the faster moving water with larger lures accounted for most fish caught.

It's a good time to catch fresh water shrimp, and everything in the system adores these guys. Simply pin at the top of the tail with a small suicide hook and no weight, find a good patch of water and cast right next to a snag (rock bar, tree branch or log); it should be game on in a flash.

The game scene finally got a boost with some decent fish caught off the Bay and Bermi. Reports came in early this week of some good bait balls around the first kink off Tuross and south toward the Bermi 12 mile.

Some boats managed to tag six marlin, which is by far the best action in this region this season. Fingers and toes crossed that this continues!