Fishing | Snapper are on the chew all over place

Snapper, snapper, snapper! Wow - these guys are on the chew at the moment and in a range of water depths.

A few boats have been very successful in 80-100 metres of water using salted pilchards, squid, fresh bonito and slimy strips.

Other boats have been nailing bigger fish in less the 20 meters of water using plastic, micro jigs and floating baits.

Fishing around the FADs has been quite productive for dolphin fish and the odd kingfish.

Talking about kings - Montague has come alive, with many boats bagging out in short sessions.

Live baits have accounted for the bigger specimens but squid baits and jigging played their part.

Locally, things are still very ordinary in Lake Burley Griffin.

Canberra on the Water has reported the hardest years fishing in the Canberra Native Cup after seven years of running the competition.

Redfin are presented but natives are few and far between.

Black Mountain Peninsula and Lennox Gardens have produced a few goldens using slow rolling minnows or plastics, and I have only heard of one solid cod being caught a few weeks ago.

Hopefully, once we receive some lower temperatures and decent rain falls, things might come back to life.

Googong again remains the most consistent; truckloads of reddies are being caught each week and natives haven't been too far behind.

And Googong's reputation stands; the natives that have been caught are some of the healthiest and biggest in the country.