Garden chores | May 14

  • Prune banksias by cutting them for use in flower arrangements 30-50cms below each flowerhead. Any yellowing of the growing tips usually indictes a lack of iron. Apply a dressing of iron chelates.
  • Enthusiasts will always find room for another rose bush, however, those who wish to replace a dead plant or poor performer will need to replace at least a barrowful of the original soil, which will contain growth inhibitants from the roots of the original.
  • Give some thought to the future placement of fruit trees. Espalier them against walls or fences where space is short or plant two trees in the same hole, growing and pruning as one.
  • Rake leaf fall from lawns onto garden beds as insulation for tender plants or food for soil as they break down. Alternatively collect with the mower and store in bags for future use.