Weston Creek Community Council | Weston Creek sets agenda

Public Meeting agenda

Our next public meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 29 at 7.30pm at the Raiders Club in Weston.

We will have a report from the ACT Police on current happenings around us, a briefing on the proposal for new play spaces in Waramanga and a briefing from ACT Health on the new Walk-in-Health Centre in Weston.

Hydrotherapy Pool at Canberra Hospital

Great to hear that there has been a change of heart by the Minister for Health and the hydrotherapy pool will remain open at this time.

Concerns had been raised that alternative venues would have to turn clients away due to capacity issues when the pool closed.

Council believes that this pool should not close until there is an alternate pool on the south side.

New Bus Network

The new bus timetable has commenced and council is very interested in hearing how this works, from both the commuter's perspective but also from the school children perspective.

We are also very interested in seeing how the changes to the bus stops in Parkinson Street work to accommodate the new bus network.

Age Friendly Footpath Upgrades in Stirling

The ACT Government has announced that there will be new footpaths and upgrades in Stirling.

These upgrades include pram ramps for parents and older Canberrans using mobility scooters, completions for connective paths to green space and shopping centres and pedestrian refuge areas.

Go to yoursay.act.gov.au to comment on what is being proposed.

Cycle Path to Woden on Heysen Street

Council has been advised that work should commence on Stage 1 of the cycle path to Woden in the last quarter of this year.

This is very welcome news to make this travel path much safer for cyclists and walkers.

As well, funding for Stage 2 has also been announced.

Get in Touch

  • If there are issues that you wish to raise or discuss, please phone the council on 6288 8975.
  • Otherwise, to keep-up-to-date with all issues affecting Weston Creek, please monitor the Weston Creek Community Council's website at westoncreek.org.au or follow us on Facebook.