A coffee dictionary

LATTE, espresso, cappuccino: there are so many types of coffee it becomes a language itself and the choices more exciting.

Espresso-based coffees are made with a cappuccino machine that share espresso, steamed milk and foam in varying proportions.


The espresso (Short Black) is the foundation and the most important part to every espresso-based drink.

An espresso consists of one shot of espresso in an espresso cup.

Double Espresso

A double espresso (Doppio) is just that, two espresso shots in one cup.

Short Macchiato

A short macchiato is similar to an espresso but with a dollop of steamed milk and foam to mellow the harsh taste of an espresso.

Long Macchiato

A long macchiato is the same as a short macchiato but with a double shot of espresso in a tumbler glass or cup and a dollop of steamed milk and foam on top.


A ristretto is an espresso shot that is extracted with the same amount of coffee but half the amount of water.

It is a more concentrated and darker espresso extraction.

Long Black

A long black (Americano) is an espresso shot extracted on top of the hot water.

Café Latte

Latte for short, it is an espresso-based drink with steamed milk and micro-foam added to the coffee.

It is much sweeter compared to an espresso due to the steamed milk.


Similar to a latte except a cappuccino has more foam and chocolate placed on top of the drink and made in a cup.

Flat White

A flat white is made like a cappuccino but without any foam or chocolate on top.

Piccolo Latte

A café latte made in an espresso cup. This means it has a very strong but mellowed down espresso taste due to the steamed milk and micro foam within it.


A mocha is a mix between a cappuccino and a hot chocolate.

It is made by putting mixing chocolate powder with an espresso shot.

Then steamed milk and micro-foam are added into the beverage.

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