Fishing | Brace the weather - it'll be worth it

Those that are braving the weather are catching fish - over the last week the 'Bidgee produced decent numbers of cod and some fat yellows.

In fact, a handful of fish larger than a metre were caught over the weekend off the arctic blast.

Some anglers are fishing the deeper, slower moving water - working each snag hard, but slow.

Other anglers are working the shallow, fast-moving water - flicking at eddies, rocks and bars.

The increased flow of the river from rain and melting snow should aid in plenty more sessions like these, but - as many anglers know - time in running out as closed cod season fast approaches.

Burley Griffin is still consistent with many anglers catching yellow belly in both shallow and deep water.

Some good fish have been seen in the shallows sunning themselves, catching that first warmth in the morning.

Local angler Bill Andrews headed out for a morning flick last week and nailed a cracking yellow of 58cm, vertically jigging a TT blade around schools of reddies in reasonably shallow water.

For me, I fished later in the day in deeper water, and that's where the majority of the action was.

On the coast, I'm really not sure if I've experienced a better end of winter, and with spring in the air things can only get better!

In the estuaries, good bream and silver trevally are still going strong and some stonker EP's kicking about.

Sand flat head have fired back up and off the stones, and black drummer have been keeping anglers amused.