North Canberra Community Council | Inner north invited to next meeting

Residents of inner north Canberra are invited to the council's next meeting on Wednesday, October 16, in the Downer Community Hall, Frencham Place, Downer.

Housing ACT will give a presentation on the "Common Ground" supportive housing proposal for Dickson Section 72 (the community facilities area east of the Dickson swimming pool). We will also consider whether the Civic swimming pool should be replaced by a sports stadium.

The meeting will receive reports from the committee, from residents' associations and from our working groups on Dickson Section 72 and on the ACT Planning Review.

This will be the first meeting under our new constitution that we adopted in September. Our AGM in November will consider three years of financial reports, and will for the first time accept committee nominations from local residents' groups.

Our appeal against the approval of the non-complying Dickson supermarket/residential development resulted in a much better design.

At the September meeting we reported our successful appeal against the approval of a Northbourne Avenue development that contravened rules on fire safety, access to sunlight, parking, building heights and building setbacks.

Yet again it fell to our volunteers to review the development application against the requirements of the Territory Plan, appeal the decision, and spend days in the Tribunal arguing our case. How is that fair?

Since then we have been advised of another development that has been approved, but appears to contravene rules on parking and on access to sunlight.

Our AGM in November...will for the first time accept committee nominations from local residents' groups.

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