Fishing | Keep it simple in a world of gizmos

The world of fishing is evolving daily and sometimes it can be a little daunting; new lures, spot lock on motors, sounders that are moving forward in leaps and bounds, even fishing line keeps getting thinner but yet stronger... it's incredible!

Sometimes it's great to go back to basics.

Sometimes it's great to go back to basics.

I ventured up to the Goodradigby for a quick morning flick, and a simple rainbow pattern Mepps spinner did the trick.

I found most fish were holding quite tight in low light areas, for example undercut banks and behind rocks.

We caught mainly of little browns but a few rainbows were in the mix - no big sizes at all but it was so good to go back to my roots with a simple technique and catch a few healthy fish the same way as I did 20 odd years ago.

That afternoon I decided to give the mud marlin (carp) a go.

It's been years since I threw out some corn and I've forgotten how hard carp can fight.

I fished down at Sutherland Creek and it wasn't hard to get a few.

Lake Burley Griffin is definitely the place to be at the moment; yellows are smashing a range of lures and the redfin!

Wow, I've seen anglers catching bucket loads and to get a fish over 40cm is not uncommon.

On the coast, yellowfin have been very active off Moruya and Bermi for the game anglers.

Snapper have also been very keen on jigs and plastics and there seems to be big squid everywhere.