Crime pays in TV land

Picture: Getty Images

Picture: Getty Images

As a new decade dawns you might be forgiven for thinking you have stepped into Jules Verne's Time Machine as the revamped versions of favourite crime shows from the past fill your screen.

The original MacGyver, starring Richard Dean Anderson (pictured), aired for seven seasons (1985-1992), and was so popular the word MacGyver is now part of everyday vernacular. Whenever someone improvises their way out of a situation or comes up with a solution to a problem using unexpected means, they are said to have "MacGyvered" their way out.

In its new incarnation, which first aired in 2016, the lead actor Lucas Till vaguely resembles Anderson and even had a mullet for a while. Some of the original actors returned briefly in the reboot - Michael Des Barres, this time as MacGyver nemesis Murdoc's mentor, Nicholas Helman and Bruce McGill (formerly Dalton) as a detective - while many original characters are now played by different actors.

There will be a fourth season of MacGyver in 2020, sadly without George Eads as sidekick Dalton. But, if you prefer the original, you can watch repeats on 10 BOLD at noon on Fridays, that is if you are not a fan of another crime-based series with Naval officer Harmon Rabb (David James Elliott) of JAG, which is on 10 Peach at the same time. Connoisseurs of crime shows from the late '80s and early '90s can feast on repeats of Jake and the Fatman (starring William Conrad and Joe Penny), Diagnosis Murder on 10 BOLD, and enjoy endless detective work on Foxtel's dedicated channels Crime and Sleuth.

If you step back even further in time to 1968, you will find the original Hawaii 5-0 starring Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett and James MacArthur as Danno. Filmed in the Hawaiian Islands, it aired for 12 seasons until 1980, and was rebooted in 2010 with Aussie actor Alex O'Loughlin stepping into the shoes of McGarrett, and Scott Caan as Danno. It is up to Season 10 on the CBS in the USA, but it looks like you can only get the newer episodes by subscribing to 10 All Access. Book 'em Danno for not keeping the latest on free-to-air.