Tackle Count: Already? The player transfer rumour mill ramps up

Already? The player transfer rumour mill ramps up

Can we not enjoy the last vestiges of the season?

This may be a quaint, old-fashioned view - but how about we hold off on the who's going where for how long and on how much money quiet for just a bit longer.

It really is terribly tedious. And invariably half of it is always about being the first to know.

How often do you see on social media a seemingly innocent question asked on club pages or fan accounts howled down by the all-knowing intelligensia.

"Whaddaya mean you've heard Player X wants out? OFF COURSE HE DOES - it was after the video/fight/orgy that he knew his time was up. EVERYONE knows that, mate. Catch up you clown".


And yes, NRL clubs probably don't help their own cause. They want you to "focus on what's happening on the field" but then little, cryptic bits and pieces manage to be strategically leaked.

One not in that category is Bryce Cartwright's imminent departure from the Gold Titans.

He's made it very clear he wanted to continue his career in NSW and the Titans, in a wonderfully worded statement think that's a good idea, too.

The titans said they "have arrived at an agreement with Bryce to release him from his contractual obligations with immediate effect which will allow him to explore his options for the 2021 season and beyond".

So we've sorted the money and that's that, then.

The rumour mill, the player merry-go-round and the game of musical chairs involving coaches and assistants will continue to be manipulated by those faceless types behind the scenes. And we'll all probably continue to lap it up.

Well, until the cricket starts anyway.

In the meantime, there's footy on this weekend ...

* This edition of Tackle Count was written by Joshua Bartlett.

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