2022 NSW Women of the Year Awards nominations | Mayoral Minute

Cr Tim Overall, Mayor

Cr Tim Overall, Mayor

Sealing Miners Road and Copper Creek Road: Adetailed newsletter will soon be arriving in mailboxes around Captains Flat outlining the upcoming works to seal Miners Road, Copper Creek Road and the SES compound. This work is scheduled to commence on Monday 20 September. The work on Miners Road is not a major upgrade or widening, but a simple two-coat seal to reduce the impact of dust from these unsealed roads. This was recommended by the Captains Flat Lead Management Taskforce to minimise community exposure to dust as there are elevated levels of lead in some locations in the Captains Flat area. Miners Road will be closed during the works and residents should use another route. Local traffic will be given access through Copper Creek Road as required. To read the complete newsletter head here.

Online Citizenship Ceremony: On Thursday 9 September we hosted five virtual Citizenship Ceremonies online to be able to welcome 45 new Australians under the current stay-at-home orders. The event itself, while a different experience to organise, remained a great opportunity to briefly meet and congratulate each conferee on their achievements. We are proud to be involved in such an important occasion and glad that we were able to provide this opportunity for these new Australians. Citizenship ceremonies are a very special occasion in any person's life, and it was an honour to welcome these new Australians to our community.

Rural Road Safety Month: September is Rural Road Safety Month and acts as a reminder for everyone driving on rural and regional roads to be mindful of safer driving practices. As we are all staying home and only travelling for essential reasons, there are fewer people on our roads, however for many people in QPRC, essential travel includes driving on regional and rural roads. Whenever you're on the road, remember to drive to the conditions, be aware of wildlife, slow down and follow speed advisory signs when approaching curves, bends and crests and use headlights to be seen when travelling on regional and rural roads.

2022 NSW Women of the Year Awards: Nominations are open for the 2022 NSW Women of the Year Awards, which celebrate extraordinary, everyday women from all walks of life. There are six categories you can nominate for, including the Community Hero Award and the One to Watch Award. Nominations close at 11.59pm on Friday 17 September 2021. Head here for more information and to nominate.