Rare video of two red-bellied snakes fighting on the road

Ray McGibbon rescuing the two snakes. Photo: Supplied.

Ray McGibbon rescuing the two snakes. Photo: Supplied.

Spring is here and so are some feisty snakes.

The month of October and November is generally the mating season for snakes.

It is also a time when male snakes are keen to prove their dominance.

This was the case in a recent roadside fight, between two red bellied snakes, captured on video by a vigilant motorist in Moss Vale who noticed the rare sight of the two reptiles fighting with each other on the road.

Southern Highlands snake catcher Ray McGibbon said the fight between the two male snakes seemed to be for dominance as a female snake was in the area.

The two snakes can be seen wresting and writhing with each other.


"The scent of a female will attract male snakes to that area. When the male snakes come together, they fight for dominance and the right to mate with the female," Mr McGibbon said.

"While combating, they will wrestle with each other and try to pin the other one to the ground in a show of strength. The winner will have the right to mate with the female."

The snake sightings have started early this year and Mr McGibbon has already responded to over 30 callouts since August. He has rescued snakes from residential and busy market areas to name a few.

Mr McGibbon tells people that if they see a snake, they shouldn't try to catch or kill it. Instead, they should keep a watch and make a note of its movement while maintaining their distance, and contact a licensed snake handler.

He advises everyone to tidy up and keep their yards and lawns clean as having a congested garden provides a safe passageway for snakes.

However, he asks them to not eliminate too many hide points while tidying up the yard as their absence will give them no option to retreat and the snake is likely to go into defence mode because it is unable to hide.

Mr McGibbon also urges people to be careful while driving and make sure that they don't run over these snakes which are out and about during this time.

Ray McGibbon can be contacted on 0400 734 225.

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